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Bookkeeping Clean-Up

Bookkeeping Clean-Up

We know business owners are busy, and one of the first things that seems to go when there’s a time crunch is bookkeeping. Does any of this sound familiar: haphazard categorization, account balances in your software that don’t match your bank, invoices that you know got paid still show as overdue, or reports that don’t make sense because things are negatives when they shouldn’t be? We can fix all of it!

As certified advisors for both QuickBooks and Xero, we can get your records back on track. We have experience using the tools within the software (some of which are only offered to accountants) to efficiently find underlying errors and recategorize transactions to the appropriate places.

Additionally, we approach bookkeeping not just from an accounting standpoint but also from the tax standpoint. For example, QuickBooks by default uses the expense category “Meals and Entertainment,” but these two types of expenses have different rules about what can and cannot be deducted at tax time. We consider these types of implications when entering your transactions.

Clean-up billed at $75/hr